Sailing in the Bay of Napoli, September 2005 (93 images)

Saturday 10th - Leaving Napoli

Monday 11th - Procida

Tuesday 12th - Procida to Ischia

Our boat was sqeezed in between a boat with an Italian wedding and a russian vodka-party...

Wednesday 13th - Ischia to Capri

Water fun. Seeing the Grotta Azzurra and staying over in Marina Grande.

Thursday 14th - from Capri to Amalfi

Sight-seeing in Capri. Walking to Marina Piccola where Frank and Roger picked up the rest of us. Strong wind and good sailing to Amalfi.

Friday 15th - Amalfi and back to Capri

Breakfast and shopping in Amalfi. Stop-over for afternoon coffee and 'gelato' in Positano. Arriving after dark at Capris south coast where we ankered and fetched pizzas to eat on board.

Saturday 16th - back to Napoli

Up early to see the sun rise. Straight back to Napoli.

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